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Age : Brecht went out and I came in.
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Home Country : Switzerland
Location : Z�rich, well someone's gotta live there.  (auto-detect : switzerland )
First game : season '63/64, no idea of oppo. Was amazed the pitch was green.
Favourite 11 : All 1973 - 1976: Old Swan, Duke of Cambridge, Windmill, Original Woodman, Craven, Cedars, Drugstore, Markham, Fox and Hounds, Nightingale, Plough.
Extra Info : Fave players: Tambling, Dixon, Petrescu. Most memorable match: Bruges '71 Most hated opponent: Roy Keane. Memorable Chelsea moment; 2 hours drink with Vialli in pub at back of Sloane Sq. Still owes me a pint! Faves: Tony Benn, John Pilger, TC Boyle, Gram Parsons, Karl Liebknecht. Family; Yvonne (Swiss) Boys Billy '99 and Tom '01 (the next Neville bros, but much better-looking)
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