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Fan Blogs
If you would like to have your blog or fansite added to our list simply use the form below to submit the web address for approval. Note that while you are free to manage your site however you like there are some checks to pass before we can link to you. So your site will be rejected if it breaches any of these conditions :

  • must not use the official club crest
  • must not copy large chuncks of content from chelseafc.com
  • must not use our photographs or videos
  • must not contain any offensive or inappropriate content/advertising
  • must not be a commercial/money making website - these links are purely for fan sites

    Additionally please only submit your site once it has a reasonable amount of content on it to review. Sites with little or no content will also not be linked to.

    We are suggesting people who are looking to start a site from scratch use either the www.wordpress.com or www.blogger.com platforms as they make it very easy and straightforward to create your own website. We will however link to any site if you already have one elsewhere or prefer to use another system to build yours.

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