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The Shed Refresh

The Shed website is nearly 25 years old and hasn't had a design refresh for a long time with some aspects now very dated in 2021. So we are planning to do give it a summer make over, nothing too radical but some changes to make it work a bit more smoothly. As a user of the site we would like to get your feedback on some proposed changes to make sure we get it right.

Please firstly take a look at two sample designs for a layout change for the home page and let us know at the bottom of the pagewhich, if any, you like best.

The Shed Refresh - Design 1
Design 1
The Shed Refresh - Design 2
Design 2

Let us know which design above did you prefered the most?

  • Design 1

  • Design 2

  • Neither

    Next please give us some feedback on proposed functionality changes, place the below ideas into the order you think are the best ones and then click the SUBMIT button to save your order.

    Finally please feel free to give us any general feedback, or your own ideas for improvements...