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By using the Shed you accept the following terms and conditions. Most of these relate to the Chat section and are designed to keep the site a friendly and enjoyable site for all.


The following are unacceptable behaviour for the site and will result in your account being suspended for periods of time from between 3 hours to 10 days, or permenantly depending on the severity. Repeat offenders who ignore short term bans will also have their accounts banned permenantly.

  • 1. Troublemaker/Disruptive
    While admittedly a wide criteria, this entails behaviour that spoils the general enjoyment of the site for others. If in the site administrator's judgement you are a threat to the friendly behaviour encouraged on the site and whose intention for posting on the site is not to positively chat with other fans and rather deliberately be disruptive, confrontational or attention seek then you will be banned indefinitely. The site neither needs or wants such contributors.

  • 2. Personal attacks & Slanging matches
    Verbal abuse is unacceptable in any shape or form. Inappropriate language, aggressive or abusive behaviour towards a fellow user, will not be tolerated. This also applies to posts about players, management and staff. Users that are viewed to be consistently arguing in an abusive/bullying manner will be banned.

  • 3. Trolling
    Trolling is the practice on Internet chat forums of deliberately posting a controversial view, that you may not actually even believe, purely with the intention of getting a reaction and starting an argument. A fuller description can be found here. It's normally carried out by people with a need for attention seeking and to feel significant, it's annoying and disruptive - don't do it.

  • 4. Abuse of staff and moderators
    Any verbal abuse in general will not be tolerated, however this is especially valid in the case of the staff working on the site or fan moderators who volunteer to keep the site a fan friendly zone in their own time. Please respect and aid their jobs as much as possible as it will improve the site for all.

  • 5. Libellous/slanderous accusations
    Unfounded accusations of a harmful nature can and have be taken up in a court of law on chat forums. The site administrator can access all user details and posts in such cases and will pass them onto the police if required to do so.

  • 6. Offensive or Inappropriate posts
    Anything deemed offensive or inappropriate for the Official website of Chelsea FC will not be allowed and result in you getting banned. What is offensive or inappropriate should be common sense but it is the judgement of the moderators whether something is or isn't, not yours. If you disagree, tough.

  • 7. Troublemaking opposition fans
    All football fans are welcome to use the site and this does include non-Chelsea supporters. However, obviously opposition fans have to respect this is primarily a site for Chelsea fans and should be extra careful to be respectful of that fact. Those that aren't will be permanently removed immediately.


While not seen as being as serious as the above, repeated infringement of these will see a warning escalated to a red card ban.
  • 8. Incorrect labelling of posts/messages
    The site is divided into different segments in order to categorise the discussions accordingly. Please consider carefully which section your message is most appropriate for to avoid confusion.

  • 9. Multiple usernames .
    Multiple profiles are not permitted. In order to change your username/contact email, please use the change my details link at the bottom of the site. Users found to have multiple profiles will have these deleted without notification.

  • 10. Swearing
    Please refrain from using any terminology that may be deemed offensive. As noted above, inappropriate language is unacceptable. The site uses the famous Swearotron to automatically replace common swearwords with cockney rhyming slang, while that has a humorous purpose it is also there for good reason so DO NOT try to get round it.

  • 11. No religious or political posts
    This is not a suitable arena for religious or political discussion. These subjects sadly, almost without fail, seem to always end up producing extreme, unpleasant, unacceptable or even racist messages even if the initial discussion starts off in a calm manner. Occasional non-confrontational comments as part of a wider thread will be allowed, but lengthy political or religious arguments from the outset will not be and will be removed. If you wish to debate political or religious matters in depth this external chat forum should much better meet your needs: Political Chat

  • 12. Posting inappropriate pictures or links
    Any questionable material should not be posted. Accounts can and will be banned from posting links and pictures if you cannot be trusted to not upload inappropriate images.

  • 13. Unwelcoming behaviour to new posters
    This site is as much for people who've been using it for 5 minutes as it is for those using it for 10 years. It is not a private clique for 'old timers', you were new once as well so aggressive and unwelcoming behaviour to new posters will not be accepted.

  • 14. Text Speak
    Do u fnd dis sntnc annyng? Den u wud not b de only 1! This chat page makes available the full range of letters of the alphabet to you when posting and does not restrict you to a certain length of message. So please don't resort to messages filled with shorthand 'text speak'. We're not too precious about spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, however please do not excessively use shortened words as it is annoying and unnecessary.

  • 15. Spamming
    This is the repeated posting of links to websites, companies or products that you are involved in. This isn't an advertising platform and while, for example, if you run your own Chelsea webpage we don't ask you to never mention it or link to it, repeated spamming of your site's address is not permitted. Use the Fan Blogs page to add a permanent link to your site and allow people to find it that way if they choose and not through advertising on the chat page.


If you don't keep to the above guidelines the following actions could be taken :

Posts Removed - inappropriate posts will be deleted.

a YELLOW card will see your posts removed and you will receive an email with a polite request to think a bit more carefully about your posts in future.

a RED card will be issued together with a length of time from 3 hours to 10 days and means you are no longer able to post for the remainder of that time period. If you keep getting Red cards then the length of ban for will be increased or upgraded to a black if you show no signs of changing your posts.

a BLACK means you contribution to the site has been deemed unwelcome and YOU will not be able to post again to the chat site indefinitely.