Fan Blogs

This is a list of blogs, facebook pages and unofficial Chelsea websites run by fans themselves. They're all about Chelsea so worth checking out, but please note Chelsea Football Club is NOT responsible for the content on these pages and any that contain inapproprate content or are too outdated will be removed.

This is a list of fan blogs. What's the difference between an unofficial website and a blog you might be asking?

An unofficial website will typically be made up of several different sections with different types of content, maybe news, photos, statistics, fixtures etc. Whereas a fan blog is purely a series of written articles expressing the author's opinion on topics that interest them, a bit more like a newspaper column.

This section is a list of pages created on social network sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.


You can also visit the club's own Official foreign language websites in these countries...


If you are interested in joining an official supporters club, there are many in both the UK and around the world.

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This is a list of sites run by overseas Chelsea fans in the language of their respective country

  •   Albania
  •   Arabic
  •   Arabic 2
  •   Brazil
  •   Bulgaria
  •   France
  •   Germany
  •   Iceland
  •   Finland
  •   India
  •   Iran 1
  •   Iran 2
  •   Iran 3
  •   Iran 4
  •   Iran 5
  •   Iran 6
  •   Korea
  •   Macedonia
  •   Malay
  •   Malta
  •   Nepal
  •   Poland 1
  •   Poland 2
  •   Romania
  •   Russia 1
  •   Singapore
  •   Spain 2
  •   Sweden 1
  •   Sweden 2
  •   Turkey
  •   Vietnam 1
  •   Vietnam 2