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Celebrity Fans

For years Chelsea has been associated with a whole range of famous people who have supported the Blues. The height of celebrity fandom came during the the late sixties and early seventies when the style and glamour of the team was matched by those wandering the Kings Road.

Stories of Raquel Welch or Steve McQueen in the dressing room and the VIP areas overflowing were common place, however given the length of the list below it seems those days have returned!

This is a list of celebrities, alive and dead, it is believed support Chelsea. Not all have had their allegiance proved but most have been verified. Ex-players and directors are not included as their support is taken as read! Corrections/additions welcomed.


Lord Richard Attenborough - Film Director (Life President of the Club)
Sir Jeremy Isaacs - Actor/Producerr
Gabriel Byrne - Actor (Usual Suspects)
Joseph Fiennes - Actor (Shakespeare in Love)
Sir Michael Caine - Actor (The Italian Job)
Naveen Andrews - Actor (Lost)
Simon Pegg - Actor (Shaun of the Dead)
Art Malik - Actor (Upstairs Downstairs)
Guy Ritchie - Director (Snatch)
Bill Nighy - Actor (Love Actually)
Abhishek Bachchan - Actor (Bollywood)
Jason Fleming - Actor (Snatch)
Jonny Lee Miller - Actor (Trainspotting)
Lance Percival - Actor (Up Pompeii)
Phil Daniels - Actor (Quadrophenia)
Bruce Dern - "Actor (Silent Running)
Sienna Miller - Actress (G.I. Joe)
Minnie Driver - Actress (Phantom of the Opera)
Tara Reid - Actress (American Pie)
Renee Zellwegger - Actress (Bridget Jones)
Graham King - Movie Producer (Traffic)
Tom Pollock - Film Director/Producer (Up in the Air)
Owen Wilson - Actor (Wedding Crashers)
Will Ferrell - Actor (Blades of Glory)
Raquel Welch - Actress (One Million Years B.C.)

Television & Radio

David Baddiel - Comedian/Writer
Michael Crawford - Actor (Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em)
Jeremy Clarkson - Presenter (Top Gear)
Dennis Waterman - Actor (Minder)
Johhny Vaughan - Radio/TV presenter
Tim Lovejoy - TV presenter
Bill Oddie - Comedian/Twitcher
Rodney Bewes - Actor (Likely Lads)
Andrea Catherwood - ITN newsreader
Trevor Eve - Actor (Waking the Dead)
Chris Barrie - Actor/Comedian (Red Dwarf)
Michael Greco - Actor (Eastenders)
Gemma Bissix - Actress (Eastenders)
James Forde - Actor (Eastenders)
Charlie Brooks - Actress (Janine in Eastenders)
Michael Higgs - Actor (Andy Hunter in Eastenders)
Alison Parteger - Actress (Sarah in Eastenders)
Derek Martin - Actor (Charlie Slater in Eastenders)
Derek Fowlds - Actor (Heartbeat)
Clive Mantle - Actor (Casualty)
Dorian Healy - Actor (Soldier, Soldier)
Gary Love - Actor (Soldier, Soldier)
Dervla Kirwan - Actress (Ballykissangel)
Huw Higginson - Actor (The Bill)
Georgia Zaris - Actress ('Claudia' in Dream Team)
Richard O'Sullivan - Actor (Man About the House)
Jonny Gould - Game Show Host
David Redfearn - Magician
Russell Grant - Astrologer
Isla Fisher - Actress
Sean Locke - Comedian
Iain Lee - Comedian/Radio DJ
Clive Bull - Radio DJ
"Tubes" - Sky Sports Soccer AM


Suggs - Lead Singer with Madness
Damon Albarn - Lead Singer with Blur
Bryan Adams - Musician
Lars Ulrich - Drummer with Metallica
Mark Hoppus - Blink 182
Woody - Drummer with Madness
Graham Bush - Bassist with Madness
Madonna (her husband is) - Singer
Paul Cook - Sex Pistols
Steve Jones - Sex Pistols
Morten Harket - A-Ha
Jimmy Page - Led Zepplin
John Taylor - Duran Duran
Alan McGee - Head of Creation Records (Oasis)
Andy Fletcher - Depeche Mode
Dave Gahan - Depeche Mode
Justin Chancellor - Tool
Lloyd Cole - Musician
Billy Idol - Musician
Nik Kershaw - 80's Pop star
Busta Rhymes - US Rap star
Gary Numan - 80's Popstar
Mr C - DJ & lead singer with The Shamen
Geri Halliwell - Singer
Danni Minogue - Singer
Martine McCutcheon - Singer/Actress (lived at Stamford Bridge for a bit)
Andy Cairns - Lead Singer with Therapy
Ed Ball - Musician
Ben Watt - Everything but the Girl
Tracey Thorn - Everything but the Girl
Charlie Harper - UK Subs
Alex Paterson - ORB
Paul Hardcastle - '19' Recording Artist
John O'Neill - Undertones
Neneh Cherry - Singer
Lil Wayne - Singer
Paul Oakenfold - DJ/Producer
Trevor Nelson - "DJ, Radio 1"
Jeff Young - DJ
Graham Dene - DJ
Paul Anderson - "DJ, XFM"
Tim Simenon - "DJ, Producer , Depeche Mode"
Gary Crowley - DJ
Iain Baker - "DJ, XFM, ex Jesus Jones"
Seb Fontaine - "DJ, Radio 1"
Ian Collins  - Talksport radio presenter
Mark Fuller - Nightclub owner
Rifat Jawaid - Broadcaster/Presenter - BBC World Service
David Andrews - DJ - Gold


Lord Sebastian Coe - Ex-MP/Athlete/London Olympic chief
Sir Steven Redgrave - Olympic Rower
Ben Ainslie - Olympic Sailor
Paul Merson - Football
Peter Crouch - Football
Paul McGrath - Football
Mark Wright - Football
Gary Stevens - Football
Sean Davis - Football
Kenny Sansom - Football
Sir Clive Woodward - Rugby (England)
Laurence Dallagio - Rugby (England)
Brian Moore - Rugby (England)
Ian Williams - Rugby (NZ)
Michael Dods - Rugby (Scotland)
Michael McIlorum - Rugby League
Kevin Garnett - Basketball (USA)
Alec Stewart - Cricket
Graham Thorpe - Cricket
Shane Warne - Cricket
Shoaib Akhtar - Cricket
Chris Cairns - Cricket
Chris Cowdrey - Cricket
David Smith - Cricket
Jimmy White - Snooker
Tony Drago - Snooker
Neil Robertson - Snooker
Johnny Herbert - Motor Racing
Darren Barker - Boxing
George Groves - Boxing
Daley Thompson - Decathlete
Eric Bristow - Darts
Boris Becker - Tennis
Pat Cash - Tennis
Peter Fleming - Tennis
Dick Francis - Horse Racing (Jockey & Writer)
William Jarvis - Horse Racing (Trainer)
Oliver Sherwood - Horse Racing (Trainer)
Charles Gordon-Watson - Horse Racing (Bloodstock Agent)
Kieran Donaghy - Irish Gaelic footballer

(the list of footballers excludes all ex-Chelsea players who we'd hope are all fans now anyway!)


Roddy Doyle - Playwright
Andy Hamilton - Comedy Writer
Jeremy Vine - BBC Political correspondant
Giles Smith - Sports Writer (Telegraph)
Nigel Clarke - Football Writer (Mirror)
John Motson - Commentator (can't admit it)
Martin Tyler - Commentator (a soft spot at least)
Ivor Baddiel - Writer/Broadcaster
John Moynihan - Journalist/Author
Shelly Webb - TV Presenter and wife of Neil
Albert Sewell - Match of the Day stats man
Christina Jones - Novelist
Adam Porter - Journalist - Loaded magazine
Mark Winstanley - Horse Racing Journalist
Colin Mackenzie - Horse Racing Journalist
John Sexton - Horse Racing Journalist
Albert Jack - Newspaper Columnist
Robb Wotton - Sky Sports News Presenter

John Major - Former Prime Minister
David Mellor  - Ex-MP
Peter Hain - MP
Peter Bottomley - MP
Ed Vaizey - MP
Bill Clinton - Ex-President of the USA (watched Chelsea while at Oxford in the 60's)

Vidal Sassoon - Hairdresser
Gordon Ramsey - Chef
Nigella Lawson - Chef
Aldo Zilli - Chef

Supporting from up above

Sir Laurence Olivier - Actor
Sir John Mills - Actor
Tony Banks - Former MP
Sir George Robey - Music Hall Star
Joe Strummer - The Clash
Ted Rodgers - 321 Man
Sidney Taffler - Actor
Dermot Morgan - Actor (Father Ted)