As we head into 2022 work has been taking place to give The Shed website a significant rebuild, we hope you like it.

It is still in a Beta phase to run alongside the existing site while final amends take place.  We would also like your help in providing feedback and reporting any bugs you find using the ‘Feedback’ icon on the right.

When we are happy it’s in a good place it will replace the current Shed design.

The Shed website has existed since 2008, with the Chat area going all the way back to 1997 – read more about the site’s history here  However it has not had a redesign since 2011, which in internet terms is a lifetime, and it was starting to show signs of wear and tear.

So a full rebuild of the platform has taken place to bring it more update to modern web design practices, with one key goal being to make The Shed work well on mobile devices, which the old one did not.  

We are keen to view this as just the starting point and want to add more features and sections in the future.  So help us improve The Shed still further by using the Feedback button on the right.

Classic Chat

There is one part of the site that has been deliberately left as it was, the ‘Classic Chat‘ area.   A bit like the old back wall of the Shed terrace that can still be seen at Stamford Bridge, it’s the longest running part of The Shed website dating back to 1997, and while also a bit crumbly at the edges and looking it’s age, some people like it like that!

The feedback at the start of this project was that for some long time users of the site they didn’t want to lose it in any redesign, so it stays.  We will try and patch up a few of it’s holes and known issues in the coming months, but while there is a new more modern style of chat now available, if you prefer the old style feel free to keep using it.  The two styles of chat are linked, posts from one will appear on the other.


By Jax

Jax is the site administrator and developer of The Shed